Landscaping Services

From bare ground to stunning results, Blue Mountain Services has the answers to your landscaping needs. If you're looking to turn your yard from "ok" to "no way," we can help. Commercial and residential landscape maintenance is unique to each company and customer. From maintaining your lawn all year with feeding and preventive applications, regular mowing schedules, mulching and so much more:

- All Season Lawn Packages                                                      - Edging 

- Aeration                                                                                       - Mulching                

- Overseeding                                                                                - Hardscapes

- New Lawn Installation                                                             - Design

- Shrub & Plant Maintenance                                                    - Delivery and supply of stone, mulch and other materials

Power & Pressure Washing Services

Blue Mountain Services LLC offers a wide range of power and pressure washing services. From residential homes and commercial complexes, to vehicle fleet washing capabilities, Blue Mountain Services LLC has the answer to all of your dirty problems.  The detergents and products we use are not only safe for you are also Earth & pet friendly. 

- Homes                                                                                          - Automobiles & Vehicles & Recreational Vehicles

- Commercial Buildings & Complexes                                       - On Site Equipment Cleaning for Construction

- Fences & Sidewalks                                                                    - On Site Vehicle Fleets and more


Snow Removal & Winter Weather Management 

When winter weather strikes, we strike back. We service everything from single family homes, apartment complexes, entire neighborhoods through different Home Owner Associations, medical facilities, The Pennsylvania State Police, utility providers, and many more commercial clients. We understand the importance of your property being safely accessible during winter weather events and the importance of maintaining your normal parking, working, and traffic schedules. Before the first flake falls we're ready to address any icy or slippery conditions presented when winter weather arrives.  With a fleet of modern equipment Blue Mountain Services has what it takes to be the solution to your snow and ice management needs. Contact us today for a fast free quote.    


Janitorial Services

The health and cleanliness of your home and business is of vital importance to your success. When clients come into your facility, a dirty office will not inspire confidence in your abilities. For these reasons and others, you should hire out your janitorial services to a knowledgeable and reputable cleaning company. One of your top concerns when it comes to hiring janitorial services is getting high quality service within your budget. For this reason, we create a custom cleaning program for each facility we clean. Every customer and building has different needs and requires different approaches. That is why you will receive a plan that is tailored specifically to your buildings' unique needs. Our team will perform a full assessment of your needs and prepare a custom quote and scope of work.

Typical Daily Plan Includes:

  • Emptying of all trash                               Surface dusting                                          Restroom cleaning and sanitizing
  • Carpet vacuuming                                   Hard floor sweeping and mopping                  General office cleaning
  • Window Cleaning                                     Aromatic Additions                                                  Attention to Detail